‘Inspired by the messages spread by the Russian Constructivism Movement resonating like a pulse, the latest collection flows with the undertones of experimental simplicity, functionality and femininity. Intelligently designed for the wearer to be united with the piece.

This collection is a hybrid of active females everywhere, an embodiment of deep contradictions. Sensual and Androgynous, Functional yet stylish, Sports but Tailored. Burnt cranberries, navy, moss and light mushroom serge through the designs echoing the muted tones of nature. Boasting an array of slick key pieces inspired by the serene elegance of traditional Asian dress, Waterproof Kimonos and adjustable multifaceted capes are straight to wardrobe staples, designed to fit into work, lounge or play.

Long length Drawstring skirts reminiscent of the British love of sports casuals are beautifully teamed with breathable cotton shirts, whilst splits rear thigh high, chiffons and hidden trims forged from Marshall’s voyages East, keep the simmering sensuality throughout.’

Thanks to:

Photography : AndyPhotography
Hair/MUA : Jade Eleanor @Alan Sharman
Illustrations : Steven Skellern
Copywriter: Christie Salmon

  • "My bespoke Lou Marshall shirt is a testament to Lou’s impeccable tailoring skills. My beautiful shirt delivers on every detail and is my idea of shirt perfection. The fit is exceptional, the sewing is that of a perfectionist and the overall look is just how I imagined it to be. All in all, a shirt that makes me smile every time I wear it."

    Lianne Burton